Clutch life: SinoTruk

Clutch life: SinoTruk

There is no fixed mileage in the clutch replacement cycle. The length of the specific mileage should be determined according to personal operating habits and levels, and it also has a little relationship with the daily driving road conditions.

There are two reasons for replacing the clutch: one is that the clutch surface is uneven;Two is the clutch slip.

Under normal circumstances, clutch plate and pressure plate should be replaced every 50,000-60000.But the wear and tear of the clutch plate also has a certain relationship with the driving habits of the driver, the habits are different,

Bring the clutch plate load is not the same, some people with good, can be changed once a few years, with a bad half a year will have to change, especially the novice, in the start, shift the action is not skilled, the clutch wear is particularly large.

Usually the following circumstances need to be replaced: such as high speed run up, the accelerator pedal in the end can only run 80- 90 kilometers (because of the clutch slip);Such as hanging a gear start car before and after the rush feeling;There are step, lift clutch when raw and astringent feeling, these cases also need to be replaced.

After understanding how they work, let’s take a look at the failures that are often encountered in clutch systems.

Clutch slip and vehicle jitter are two common failure phenomena in clutch system.In the following two forms, we can list the malfunction, possible causes and solutions for each person so that we can prevent it and improve the practice or problem.

Clutch slip

Symptoms: Clutch disc wear or ablation.

Possible cause: Frequent use of half coupling operation can cause excessive wear of the clutch disc.

Maintenance method: pay attention to the use habits under standard load conditions.

Symptoms: The surface of the clutch is burnt, or the surface of the tablet is blue.

Possible cause: The clutch is often in use or is often in a semi-coupled state under heavy overspeed and heavy load conditions.

Maintenance method: pay attention to the use habits under standard load conditions.

Trembling at first

Possible cause: uneven surface of pressure plate or flywheel.

Inspection method: Check and replace damaged parts.

Possible cause: Pressure plate separation refers to uneven force, bias, and softness. Inspection method: check the pressure plate or separation bearing, if damaged, replace.

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